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Dimensional Channel Lettering

Custom Indoor & Outdoor Channel Lettering

No matter how small or large your business is, don’t miss the opportunity to get noticed by potential customers with illuminated channel letters. Regardless of the type of your industry you’re in or location, you are can benefit from well-designed signage.

A channel letter sign is typically made from aluminum sheets shaped into letters and sometimes lit with LED lights. Today’s business owners choose them over neon signs due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness, most importantly, they are attractive, and they can give your business that professional look.

Dimensional letters and logos add so much more to a sign.  Make you business name pop in a way that cut vinyl can’t.   With so many materials to choose from, there is an option to suit every budget, every style, and every purpose.  Whether it is for inside or out, lit or not, come and see us and we’ll help you get noticed.


Get Your Business to Shine More for Less!

Attract Attention with Illuminated 3D Letters

If you are new to the sign industry, channel letter signs are three-dimensional signs commonly used in storefronts, but because they are made from lightweight materials they can be mounted almost anywhere. They are called letters, but they can be any character, number or symbol fashioned into 3-D graphic representations of a brand. In strip malls, you will often find lighted signs mounted outside or inside every retail outlet. You will find that each letter is unique and is tailored to match the image of the company it signifies.

When used as indoor signage, they are often illuminated to brighten up a room and contribute to the interior’s overall aesthetics. Businesses can choose from a back-lit, front-lit or a combination-lit channel letters.

Practical and Durable

These versatile 3-D letters aren’t only great indoors, but they also make for outstanding outdoor signs. Standalone stores and business establishments often choose them for exterior building signs because of their elegance and durability. Aluminum is known to withstand common weather elements, so choosing this type of signage makes it worth the initial investment.

If you happen to own a business on Vancouver Island, you would know exactly how important it is to stand out in a highly competitive market. For this reason, our signage experts at SignAge work particularly hard to ensure that our clients come up with a visually captivating LED channel letter signs that effectively communicates their message to their target audience and take care of this aspect of your business so you can focus on more important things.

SignAge Your Trusted Sign Expert in Nanaimo

No other sign company in Nanaimo understands your needs better than SignAge Canada. We believe that every business is unique and therefore has their own set of requirements. Our design specialists will take the time to listen to your needs to ensure that every product is designed to your specification and meets or even exceeds your expectations.

We are proud to serve businesses in Nanaimo and Vancouver Island and are ready to provide you with high-quality channel lettering and other smart signage solutions.

“We have been working with Signage for the better part of 20 years. They provide us with fleet graphics for our taxis, as well as any other signage projects. We do, and will, refer anyone looking for vehicle graphics to Signage if they are looking to get a great product, amazing service and reasonable costs.”


— Linda Hill
AC Taxi Office Manager